Friday, April 12, 2013

A Final Presentation

As my students have been braving a new world of Renaissance literary study, they have pioneered the creation of a mini-curriculum for introducing newcomers to the Renaissance and mostly to the British literature of that period.

They will present their accomplishments and preliminary findings during our final exam next week, which will be conducted as an academic conference which students presenting to a small but prepared audience. Some students (who were not part of developing the curricula) will be on hand to provide informed feedback.

In their presentation they will showcase their Renaissance literature curriculum, reporting on results to date, and outlining next steps.We will film the event to show to future students so that they can both understand and build upon the work this group has done so far.

Each of six themes will be presented on, and the students will comment on how that theme is being handled as content, and on how that theme has or can still inform the methods by which they are choosing to introduce newcomers to Renaissance literature.

Along the way, they must be prepared to discuss how a curriculum like this is justified, especially given how different it is from traditional semester- and institution-based teaching about the Renaissance. They must also describe their intended audience(s) and how this literature, and this way of presenting such literature, can engage those people.

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