Friday, April 12, 2013

Final Presentation Ideas

Class Ideas
  • Technology and Presentation
    • orienting methods
      • formal devices that we use to orient people:
        • The Tempest
        • Ebook/textbook
        • Wiki
        • Blog
        • the map + annotations/links that direct people to different PLACES
          • platform/rope/swimmers on a lake
          • 6 themes
          • 3 texts each
          • we have NOT multiplied this into the Norton anthology
            • Too much information problem is FIXED
            • A jumping off point: you'll remember these 6 themes
    • Narration versus no narration when presenting texts.
    • how we assess their learning
      • how we used the video quiz (branching), google doc quiz
      • generation of interest, not a Testing Center type exam
  • Six Themes
    • Aspects for each theme
    • what we would do for the three themes we didn't do:
      • Sprezzatura
        • fluid conversations: find out how much you know as you talk! 
        • learn how to be a Renaissance Man **badging**
          • the assessment system
      • Bibles and Plough Boys
        • spiritual aspect of the class
          • faith, failure, how much do we put in?
        • orientation and evolution from textbook to ebook to youtube
          • oral presentation
      • Humanism

      • Printing
        • Maybe issue of different media--what are the problems of making it more open to all (like Thomas' bookshop: manuscripts to printing)
      • Brave New Worlds
        • Pedagogy:
          • Collaborative learning
            • mastering new skills, project based learning
            • individual learning to group involvement evolution
      • Ad Fontes
        • Maybe issue of representing primary texts should go here instead...
        • Issue of representing primary texts
          • what's the role of 
            • quotes? narration? summary? putting it into a different format?
            • Nate's text video, Sarah's "new take" on sirens, Dia's zombies

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