Sunday, April 14, 2013

Typographia Test Subjects

"I watched your shop of sock puppets. The videos looked pretty good. It was easy to navigate. If one paid attention you would actually learn something. It was easy to navigate and the link worked great." -41 year old male.

"It was easy. It says at the beginning and ending what to do. And the video titles give it away too. Don't know how someone would mess it up." -17 year old male.

"Very clever." -43 year old female.

"It was very enlightening. It was easy to use the links." -21 year old female.

"Those are awesome sock puppets." -12 year old female.

So there are all my test subjects for our Typographia playlist. The only instruction I gave was to search the word "typographia" in youtube and they were all able to figure it out. They said it helped to have the black screen saying click a link so they had the chance to turn on annotations and click the link to previous or next videos.

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