Thursday, December 17, 2015

Publication and Sharing

Publication Opportunities:

Apollon eJournal - undergraduate humanities journal, published online. Specifically calls for work that was part of a class or other academic pursuit. They do want work that's original, so hopefully our chapters being published already on ePub won't be an issue. They also want Chicago-style citations and formatting, so I'd have to go through and re-do all my citations (erk). I submitted my Preppers essay here. They should respond in about a week, so we'll see what happens. 

AJUR, American Journal of Undergraduate Research - accepts submissions from anywhere, globally, and it's peer reviewed (so it has a little more ethos in the eyes of its readers, I guess?). Unfortunately, they specify that any submitted work should not be published anywhere else, so the eBook might be an issue. Maybe.

Anemoi, Undergraduate Journal of Pre-Modern Studies - they're looking for work specific to any time period that's the Renaissance or older, so our work might be of particular interest to them. Since we also focused on the modern, I think they'd either really like or not be interested in what we did.

Sharing the eBook:


I did a general share on Facebook. It's really the only social media site where I'm even the slightest bit active, so I figured that would be the best way to share it with as many friends as I know at once.

Troy and Gretchen Larsen - my parents, who are always interested in what I do (even when it's no good, haha). I think they would like seeing me published; and - let's be honest - proud parents are pretty big on sharing their kid's work with friends.

Enthusiasts / Other Interested Parties (who go beyond Homies):

Shelby Dean - she let me interview her for the preppers chapter, so I sent her a link to the finished product.

Jennifer Foede - she also let me use her story, this time from her experience with Facebook, so I sent her a link to it, too. Plus, she's really big on social issues, so I think she'd find the chapters interesting - and would probably spread the book around (with commentary).

Shara Jackson Harper - a lactation specialist, and another person involved in social movements. She helped me a lot with doing research for my bodies paper.

Daniel Farnsworth - probably one of the smartest - and most opinionated - people I know. He also helped with research, provided counter-arguments to my ideas, and likes this kind of stuff.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharing and Publication Opportunities

Sharing Our Book


Julian- my good friend and boyfriend he has listened to me talk about this project for the past several months. He told me he would read it even if it hadn’t been my work as he finds all of our ideas very interesting.

Christell Xu- She was kind enough to let me use her photography when Humans of New York didn’t get back to me. She is also a fallow food and HONY enthusiast.

Phil Bowman- My dad and I had an extensive conversation I used in my food chapter on the growth of sustainable food interest and how marketing has played into it.


The Simmons family- Though they declined to be quoted within my chapter their insight into the experience of being interviewed by Brandon Stanton and inclusion in his blog was very helpful in the writing and researching process.

Julie Clifford- She is the owner of the local farm I wanted to interview. As her family was in the middle of leasing the farm she was unable to speak with me. I think she will still find the chapter interesting and when things calm down for her I can still do the interview and make my chapter more rounded out for potential publication.

Frank Christianson- In my class with Professor Christianson this semester we did a lot of research and writing on imagined communities. I think, in light of that research, he would find our topics interesting. I know my HONY chapter makes several connections to the classes subject matter.

Publication Opportunities

Apollon eJournal- This is an online journal for undergraduate research with an emphasis on the humanities. They have an interest in work that uses a variety of intellectual approaches and are open to innovation. It seems like this could be a good place for my Humans of New York piece as it is discusses the humanities and deconstructs a highly modern contribution to the humanities.

Consilience- This is an open-access interdisciplinary journal on sustainable development. It aims to promote dialogue and awareness. They are open to undergraduate work and opinion pieces. My chapter is all about sustainability and contributes, not just another perspective on sustainability, but a historical perspective. They put out a biannual issue and more frequently publish on their online “Briefings” column.

Imponderabilia- This is an international student anthropological journal. I know I’m not the only one of us that delved into modern anthropology in my chapter. This journal as open to all disciplines and is not partial to undergraduate or postgraduate research. The journal itself is quite invested in online interaction and forming a community and dialogue within itself. This makes it sounds like their interests align with ours quite a bit. My chapter on Humans of New York would be could contribute to the aims of this journal as it about anthropology with international implications.

Sharing Our Message & Publication and Presentation Opportunities

"Sharing Our Message"
List one:

  • Mom: told her about my chapters and what we did in the class.
  • Good friend, Sia: she's a pre-communications major who might be interested in my chapter about online relationships and a good friend to discuss topics about school. 
  • Good friend, Kei: she's a communications major and one of my best friends that I can just share school things with. 
List two:
  • Lorey Ishihara: my high school history teacher who will definitely be interested in our Renaissance take in our eBook.
  • Dr. Dannette Paul: she was my digital culture professor this semester and she would probably be interested in the digital parallels. 
  • Mary Chapman: the librarian for popular culture that helped me a lot in my research. I think she'll be interested in a lot of the contemporary topics of our ebook. She also said that she's appreciated that I've sent her the book because she loves seeing finished work of students she's helped.
"Publication and Presentation Opportunities"
  • ScholarsArchive through BYU seems like a good option to submit my essays. It is easy and free and I like that it includes work that has been peer-reviewed as well as work by undergraduates at BYU. 
  • Digital America is a new journal that I think would be very interested in our digital culture aspect of our ebook. My chapters especially deal with online relationships and selfies so I think this would also be a good place to submit my work later in the future. I submitted my chapter "Dehumanizing with the Swipe of a Finger" here. 
  • Digital Humanities Quarterly seems like the perfect place to submit my chapters since both of them incorporate humanity and the digital world.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sharing Our Message & Publication Opportunities

Sharing Our Message

The six people I shared our e-book with were:


Kade Nelson - My husband. He's spent countless hours listening to me bounce off ideas for papers and this is one of the first projects where he's actually been able to tangibly see what I've been working on for a semester.

Edith & Riguel - My parents. Of course they support anything I share with them, but because they've both been doing online education for the past year they were better able to appreciate the work that went into this project.

Brent Gordon - My boss. He often asks me for updates on projects I'm doing for school so I knew he'd be impressed by our final masterpiece.


Katie Garza, Ashley Mentzer, & Judith Harper - While we were making our book there were so many times I thought that having a book like this would have been so great to have in high school. I dreaded the Renaissance in high school because it was never taught in a relevant way, so I decided to reach out to teachers in my hometown. One of them was my own high school teacher, and the other two are classmates of mine who are now teaching high school English as well.

Publication Opportunities

  • Weber State's National Undergraduate Literature Conference: The submission deadline for this conference is coming up in January. They accept undergrad work in fiction as well as research. However if selected to present there is a $140 registration fee. I have not and probably won't be submitting a paper for this conference. 
  • Northwest Undergraduate Conference for Literature: Currently this conference is accepting submissions until the middle of January 2016. They also accept student work in all areas of writing, including research, poetry, and essayists. Furthermore, they also accept panel proposals, but they ask for a 3-4 papers that can can work with that panel. They require a faculty sponsor from their university, so I will not be submitting to this conference, although visiting Illinois would have been great. 
  • Digital America: This is an online journal that likes to "push the boundaries of online publishing." The journal is really catered to promote the millennial voice and it's submission process is completely digital which makes it easy for submission. I chose to submit both of my pieces separately because this felt like the most appropriate journal for my chapters. 

Publication and Presentation Opportunities.

Looking at the options, I've narrowed it down to three that I'm interested in.

1. Digital America, a new online journal.  About submissions, they state "We are soliciting critical essays, film, artwork, design, and process pieces that question, analyze, and/or hack the tools of digital culture."  Mine is basically an essay on the idea of the digital world and how that has evolved over time, so with some minor changes it would work great.  It seems pretty easy to submit to, not super academic, but big enough that people could see my name.  I haven't submitted here, but I might in the future.  

2. Student Pulse is more academic, might be less likely to accept a paper that is so much about virtual worlds, but then I could emphasize the Renaissance aspect of it more.  It accepts undergraduate work, so that's good, with "a particular focus on the social sciences, arts, and humanities."  It requires more than 1500 words, though, so perhaps this would be better for Ahna...I haven't submitted to this one.  

3. Re:Humanities is a symposium on digital media, so this seems like a good fit.  This year, the focus is bleeding edge and cutting edge, basically the risks of trying to stay relevant.  The idea of Second Life and the virtual world is all about this kind of risk and reward situation.  One of the ideas they want to talk about is "Identity as shaped by excessive information or data deprivation."  I've submitted to this symposium, we'll see how it goes.  

Sharing our Message

Well, for starters I've shared it on Facebook and told people to go read it.  So, hopefully some people will go do that.  I don't have a Twitter or any other social media outlet, so that's about it for that.

As for Homies...

1.  Rachael, my wonderful girlfriend, will surely read this ebook, or at least my chapters, if only because she loves me.  She is and English major, though, so I think that she'll find many of the ideas interesting.  She's been pretty busy with finals, but she has told me that she'll read it.  Eventually.

2.  Erik, my brother, is pretty into digital phenomenon and is generally educated, so I think that he'd like to read some of this, especially the stuff about coding.  He doesn't have any great vested interest, but he might do it because he's my brother, if he gets around to it.

3.  Thor, my father, is a professor of digital technology at UVU so I'm pretty sure he'll find it interesting.  Also, he's my dad, so he kind of has to read at least my chapters.  He's always been interested in the history of digital issues, though, so I think that he'll enjoy the perspective of a digital Renaissance.

The Experts:

1. Tom Timbrell, the artist blacksmith that I wrote about.  He pretty much deserves to read this book as much as anyone, and I think that it'll be in his best interest to widely disseminate it considering the chapter I wrote about blacksmithing.  Other than that, he's just a nice guy and he'll probably take a look at it, whether he likes all of it or not.

2. Mary Eyring, one of my favorite professors, has told me many times that she'd be happy to read my writing.  Since she is an English professor, I think that she'll enjoy the Renaissance ideas presented (even though her emphasis is in a different time).

3. Rick Duerden, a professor of Shakespeare and the Renaissance period here at BYU.  I took a Shakespeare class from him, thought he might like to read it.  He hasn't responded yet.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Publication and Presentation Opportunities


No Sweat Shakespeare ( - This site accepts guest posts that are "of a decent quality and relevant to Shakespeare." I submitted my "Free Code and Renaissance Plagiarism" chapter as a potential guest post, since it talks a lot about Shakespeare in terms of the "plagiarism question." I consider it to be of a decent quality, so we'll see if they like it.

Digital Humanities 2017 ( - This is an annual conference sponsored by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. Their call for papers indicates that they accept proposals that sit at the intersection of the humanities (lit, art, etc.) and modern technology. The theme for 2017 is "Access." My chapter on "Free Code and Renaissance Plagiarism" is essentially about community access to individual work, so it seems like a good fit. Also, the conference is being held in Montreal, which is one of my favorite places. I haven't submitted a paper there (I'm not sure if going to Montreal in 2017 will be plausible for me or not).

New Directions in the Humanities 2016 ( - This conference is taking place in June of next year at the University of Illinois at Chicago. One of their concerns is the intersection of art and technology. They seem like a much more formal academic conference than perhaps my papers are fit for, but with some modification this might be an interesting venue to present at. I have not submitted a paper to this.