Monday, November 16, 2015

Annotated Contact List

Humans of New York

Where I am at: I am working on gathering and integrating social sources. I am also rounding out my renaissance connections with a some more research in secondary sources.


-My father is one of the biggest HONY fans I know. He is also an expert in the marketing community and as such consumes everything with the eyes of a marketer. I am interested in his perspective on the sights mass appeal.

-My brother and sister live in NYC and I want to ask them about how they see HONY's representation of their city. How does it effect their view of the city?

-The rest of my family will listen to me because they like me and they like Humans of New York.


-I have a friend interested in photography and for a period of time she produced used her instagram to create 'humans of provo'. I want to talk to her about what inspired her to do a spin off? What was her goal? What was the experience like?

-A friend of brothers has been featured on HONY 4 times and we have been emailing about his experience. Once learning that this would be published in some capacity he expressed a disinterest in being directly quoted. I will use his perspective to give scope to my own. Once the project is close to completion I will re-approach him about using his quotes anonymously.


- I'm not sure if this belongs in this category but I would like to reach out to a few people who have shared their life story on HONY and ask about their experience. Example.


-I read a scholarly article about the media's power to manipulate our perception of foreign nations. There were three authors of the article and they stated in their thesis that positive coverage of a foreign nation effects our perception of that nation so little that is is easily drowned out by negative coverage. If I could get one of them to respond I would want to hear their perspective in the Humans of New York project and it's recent coverage of Pakistan, Iran, and the refugees in Greece.

Food Revolution

Where I am at: I am having to refocus my research and writing as I refine my argument. Social sources are proving to be very helpful in this chapter! A completed draft of this chapter is not in this build, but it will be available in the next few days.


-My sister-in-law is a passionate Vegan and we have had several excellent conversations about food culture. I also know she has strong feelings (some positive some negative) about Dan Barber's ideas. I also want to ask her about the process into becoming a food enthusiast. How did the internet play a role?

-My fiend is very conscious about his groceries. I want to talk to him about why he shops the way he does. What informs his choices?

-My mother has recently become enthusiastic about health and how types of foods effect your body etc (we have discussed it in length already). I'd like to see her perspective, as a mother and as someone who grew up when the industrial agricultural movement was in full swing. How has public perception of food changed?


-Nakkita has so kindly offered a connection to a friend who worked with Dan Barber and is a strong advocate of the sustainable farming and farm-to-table movement. I am currently attempting contact with him to learn about his experience at Blue Hill Farms, how he sees the future of the movement, how he initially became interested and how he sees the internet's role in accomplishing the movement's goals.

-My friends father owns several restaurants in SLC. I am acquainted with his father and hopefully I can hold an interview asking him about his experience with sourcing his restaurants. I know he has a sushi restaurant that is very conscious about how they source their fish.


-Professor Bennion taught a class I took called wilderness writing. In the class we read a book about ethical agricultural and I want to ask him about why he chose to add this to our curriculum and how he views the current state of food culture.

-I have connections with the owner of several restaurants in Provo (one of which Communal). Each restaurant has a transparent approach to their food sourcing, with an emphasis on local produce. I want to ask him about how he feels he can influence the current state of agriculture and food culture.


-The owner of Clifford Farms (a small Provo chicken farm) sources or sourced several restaurants emphasizing local produce. I want to ask why she farms the way she does and what challenged she sees in the sustainable farming movement?

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