Monday, November 16, 2015

annotated phone list - Responsible Wanderlust

1. Homies

Shannon Smith has travelled to over 49 different countries and done a lot of social work everytime she's visited. She also regularly updates a blog dedicated to travel.

Grace Ashton: Has travelled frequently outside the US and can compare going on vacation to travelling with digital assistance.

Lauren Barlow travelled with her husband all over the world for a year. We met while on a guided tour of Peru, and they had a lot of interesting insights about the difference between paying for tours and what happens when you travel on your own just using the web. Travel is very important to Lauren and her husband Chris.

2. Peers

Mary Cook is part of the anthropology department and a research assistant for Professor Jacob Hickman. She's travelled across Asia extensively, with and without the help of Dr. Hickman, and has experienced "authentic travel" and "vacationing" and the impact the tourism industry has on local populations

Richard Gettys is a translator for Dr. Hickman in the anthropology department and has also travelled all over Asia with him. Ricky has some pretty insane stories, I once watched him take off with a perfect stranger in a market in Chiang Mai just because he spoke Hmong and Ricky needed a place to stay that night. Ricky uses digital media to keep in contact with friends and pays as little as he can for travel. It's a point of pride for him, which is an aspect that I want to capture in my chapter.

Seth Meyers also works as a translator and research assistant for Dr. Hickman and has travelled all over Asia. Seth is similar to Ricky in that he's comfortable wherever he travels because he knows how to get in contact with people and establish his bearings pretty quickly.

3. Enthusiasts

Nathaniel Gardner began as an impromptu traveler around Africa and later started a program that mediates between medical students looking for travelling experience and villages in Kenya and Tanzania that could use the help. He's currently a student at BYU.

Jacob Hickman is a professor of Anthropology at BYU and has seen first hand how the tourist industry, and especially young travelers can damage and support communities in pursuit of authentic experience

4. Experts

T. Van Nuenen is a Ph.D. student at Tilburg university and her article "Here I Am: Authenticity and Self-Branding on Travel Blogs" is exactly what I want to address in my chapter. As soon as I clarify my argument, I'm going to email her.

I'm also checking out the Thorntree forum at LonelyPlanet's website: ( to get in contact with experienced, communicative travelers who are also my age.

WYSE is an Amsterdam-based travel website that tries to help millenials navigate digital travel and have the most authentic experience.

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown is also an interesting look at how mainstream media has changed from people wanting to see luxurious or beautiful vacation destinations and instead focuses on the dirty authenticity

Departures is another good millenial-travel oriented show that focuses on opting for cheaper options and more authentic experiences

Living on a Dollar a Day is a film that follows four college students who end up staying for a while ina  village in south America. Captures the new reverence associated with travel, that these kind of life changing experiences are actually accessible.

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