Monday, November 16, 2015

Social Sources


  • ·      Colette: We discuss highly problematic or controversial stuff going on in the world on a regular basis so she will be willing to listen and think about the subject.
  • ·      Lexi: She has strong opinions on the privatization of many things and she considers herself a libertarian so her view on how this works in conjunction with WikiLeaks and the government should be interesting.
  • ·      Kade: He is my husband and has to listen to me, BUT because he is unfamiliar with subject he is better suited to recognize things that need a better explanation.

  • ·      Tracy Allen: She took a Women's Studies Theories class with me a couple years ago and now works for LDS media outlets so she has the humanist background as well as the digital print background.
  • ·      Brent Gordon: He is my boss and an attorney so I am interested to hear his take on how the law influences his opinion on WikiLeaks.

  •       Lisa Johnson & Cheri Earl : They were the head editors/bosses during my time with Insight magazine and were in tune with traditional print mediums so they may have some strong insider opinions on how journalism/media may be affected by WikiLeaks.
  • ·      Brittany Hargrave: She attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and interned with USA TODAY as well as for the Arizona Republic so I know she is an avid journalism enthusiast whose opinion will be influenced by her background.
  • ·      Jaime Winston: He was my editor during my internship with Salt Lake Magazine and has probably been influenced by a social circle of journalists in his opinion of the WikiLeaks phenomena.

  • ·      Jay Rosen - Dr. Burton recommended looking into him and it looks like he may have a couple pieces as well as a video on citizen journalism.
  • ·      Ted Talk by Ted Jaspan: His TED talk is titled "A New Way to do Journalism" and it opens with him saying "Hello my name is Andrew and I am a recovering journalist," which tells me there is an interesting message there to dissect.

Social Media (many of my homies, peers, and enthusiasts above, would intersect here as well) 

·      My brother - As an internet savvy almost 16 year old, my brother has often filled me in on the latest social media trends so he would have a good handle on what your social media platform of choice means in the teen world.
·      Cailley - She's my LA living broadcast journalism friend who does a lot of work for radio stations and brand promotion, plus she loves social media so she will definitely have lots to say.
·      Brent Gordon - My boss' daughter is an up and coming young athlete known for being a girl who plays football with the boys. Brent has been really involved in running her social media campaigns so he might have some insight on social media tropes.

·      Basam Salem: he gave a TED talk in SLC about how social media facilitates people's propensity to stereotype and I'm interested to see if there's any insight I can apply to my chapter.

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