Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Social Contact List

Topics: Open-source programming / Coding as essential literacy

Status: Just about ready to call 'em done and throw in the towel. Minor touch-ups and revisions to be done.

  • My wife is a high school teacher. I'll ask her what she thinks about coding in schools and whether "computational thinking" would help her students perform better. She's also using a more or less community-driven curriculum in her Geology class (since she doesn't have Geology training herself) so I'll see how she feels about open-source curriculum.

  • A couple of guys I work with, Brian and Deven, are coders with many years of industry experience. I can talk to them about whether they think coding should be part of their kids' curriculum. Another guy I work with, Nate, teaches his kid to code. I'll have to see what that experience has brought out.

  • Monty is a guy I've volunteered with several times. He's in charge of the local Google Developers Group, which runs the annual Hour of Code, and works for a company in the private education sector. I can ask him about the coding-as-literacy movement and see how he feels about it.

  • My cousin James and brother Anders are both coders, and Anders's wife is a former middle school teacher. It's very probably that they have opinions on coding in education, and the first two probably have feelings on open-source code as well. I see them frequently, so I can bring up both topics and see what they think.

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