Monday, November 16, 2015

Annotated Contacts

Preppers - Online Communities alter, create and propagate specific world views and possibly affect core values / principles - is the Internet a third parent?

Where I'm at: My topic is how online communities play a significant part in encouraging, propagating and enforcing social values / culture / worldview. I need to find more research (primary and secondary) on the Reformation and the printing press, to show how a similar thing happened then. But I have a good foundation for the contemporary stuff, so really at this point I need to start looking at the Renaissance.

Homies / Peers:

Alyce - online communities; communication disorders (maybe knows something about how communication works) - in person

Lauren - communication disorders (see above) - email or phone; need to get her number from Ashley

Brittany - online communities (sells her own stuff online -> experience in trying to build a community or following); fellow English major (might be interested in what we do) - in person

Shelby Dean - prepper parents - already contacted by phone

Katie - Online communities and worldview/culture - phone


Gretchen Larsen - child psychology and education (what are the forces that affect core values within a person?) - phone

G’ma, G’pa Harrison - Family History (has studying their own families in depth affected their world views, built a sort of personal community, and how and why) - email, because they talk a long time.


The Print Museum Guy - printing (how did the press create/foster new communities and communication?) - email?

BYU Psychology Department - find social psychologists and child psychologists (how are communities formed, how do they affect the varying levels of personality, behavior and beliefs?) - email <>

(A lot of these people overlap. A lot of my homies/peers are also enthusiasts or experts, for instance, so these categories are fairly loose.)

Body Ownership - the body, and the image thereof, is paradoxically owned by both the public and the individual.

Where I'm at: I'm trying to focus on the prepper chapter right now, to get that one down pat and then return to do the body ownership one. That being said, I really want to tie censorship (in the media, in particular, if I can find some good sources) into body/private ownership versus public. I may or may not add a social psychology angle (it would have to be really short, because the chapter is already fairly long as is). I have some Renaissance sources I can go through and work in for those sections, so I think what I really need right now is to get a good grip on the contemporary - find some examples, interview some people, explore concurrent censorship, etc. I'll probably make breastfeeding be a small example of the larger phenomenon, and try to find other (more digital) instances of body censorship.


Evan - personal interview/opinion on breastfeeding in public - already done; text and in person


Vicki - modeling (maybe connect me to modeling professionals; how does taking care of your body come into play; how public was your body, and how much control over it did she have/feel) - email or phone or Facebook

Alyce - acting club/school/classes (maybe connect me to her teachers or other professionals; again, the body and public image and what the actors do with it when they’re not working; at what point are they ever not taking care of it or thinking of it as a public, viewable image?) - in person

Danny - modesty opinion (he’s really great at thinking things through; would be a good person to bounce ideas and drafts off of, if his homework hasn’t killed him yet) - phone or in person

Beth - self expression, public image and fashion enthusiast (how does her public image intersect with her personal identity?) - phone


Sis. Harper - breastfeeding/motherhood enthusiast (would know about what’s going on in the discussion better than I do; person to bounce ideas off of; may have or know people with personal experiences) - Facebook or email or phone


Can't think of any yet. Alyce or Vicki could probably get me connected to some, though.

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