Monday, November 16, 2015

Phonebook Notes - Fanfiction

Fan Fiction

  1. Homies
    1. Kevin Adams - Reader   
    2. Grace Ashton - Reader
    3. McKenna Murray - reader of fanfiction
  2. Peers
    1. Mackenzie Brown - local writer and editor
    2. Lacey Waldorf - local writer and editor
    3. Engl 318 Class - local writers
  3. Experts
    1. Lance Larson - creative writing professor
    2. Neal Kramer - professor of shakespeare
    3. Maria Leavenworth does a lot of research regarding fan fiction and its effect as a literary style on the population. Her perspectives are good works of contemporary scholarship and of course I will be asking her.
  4. Enthusiasts
    1. Zoni is a well-known writer of fanfiction on DeviantArt and, the two biggest hubs for posting and sharing fan fiction and fan art. In addition to doing her own writing, Zoni has published books off of these websites. She also posts “How-to” articles - widely read - on ways to write fan fiction while handling the original material. As a published writer and a fan fiction distributer, Zoni has a very clear opinion on the benefits and limitations of the creative commons.
    2. maliciouspixie5 frequently posts her own work to that involves common techniques used by a lot of fan fiction writers, namely “genderbending” and “shipping.” maliciouspixie5 is familiar with the fan fiction community and has strong opinions on the freedom to reimagine popular stories and distribute creative work without infringement.
In addition to the people listed above, I also found some interesting feedback on a forum where fanfiction readers and writers talked about fanfiction as an art 

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