Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sharing Our Message & Publication Opportunities

Sharing Our Message

The six people I shared our e-book with were:


Kade Nelson - My husband. He's spent countless hours listening to me bounce off ideas for papers and this is one of the first projects where he's actually been able to tangibly see what I've been working on for a semester.

Edith & Riguel - My parents. Of course they support anything I share with them, but because they've both been doing online education for the past year they were better able to appreciate the work that went into this project.

Brent Gordon - My boss. He often asks me for updates on projects I'm doing for school so I knew he'd be impressed by our final masterpiece.


Katie Garza, Ashley Mentzer, & Judith Harper - While we were making our book there were so many times I thought that having a book like this would have been so great to have in high school. I dreaded the Renaissance in high school because it was never taught in a relevant way, so I decided to reach out to teachers in my hometown. One of them was my own high school teacher, and the other two are classmates of mine who are now teaching high school English as well.

Publication Opportunities

  • Weber State's National Undergraduate Literature Conference: The submission deadline for this conference is coming up in January. They accept undergrad work in fiction as well as research. However if selected to present there is a $140 registration fee. I have not and probably won't be submitting a paper for this conference. 
  • Northwest Undergraduate Conference for Literature: Currently this conference is accepting submissions until the middle of January 2016. They also accept student work in all areas of writing, including research, poetry, and essayists. Furthermore, they also accept panel proposals, but they ask for a 3-4 papers that can can work with that panel. They require a faculty sponsor from their university, so I will not be submitting to this conference, although visiting Illinois would have been great. 
  • Digital America: This is an online journal that likes to "push the boundaries of online publishing." The journal is really catered to promote the millennial voice and it's submission process is completely digital which makes it easy for submission. I chose to submit both of my pieces separately because this felt like the most appropriate journal for my chapters. 

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