Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharing Our Message & Publication and Presentation Opportunities

"Sharing Our Message"
List one:

  • Mom: told her about my chapters and what we did in the class.
  • Good friend, Sia: she's a pre-communications major who might be interested in my chapter about online relationships and a good friend to discuss topics about school. 
  • Good friend, Kei: she's a communications major and one of my best friends that I can just share school things with. 
List two:
  • Lorey Ishihara: my high school history teacher who will definitely be interested in our Renaissance take in our eBook.
  • Dr. Dannette Paul: she was my digital culture professor this semester and she would probably be interested in the digital parallels. 
  • Mary Chapman: the librarian for popular culture that helped me a lot in my research. I think she'll be interested in a lot of the contemporary topics of our ebook. She also said that she's appreciated that I've sent her the book because she loves seeing finished work of students she's helped.
"Publication and Presentation Opportunities"
  • ScholarsArchive through BYU seems like a good option to submit my essays. It is easy and free and I like that it includes work that has been peer-reviewed as well as work by undergraduates at BYU. 
  • Digital America is a new journal that I think would be very interested in our digital culture aspect of our ebook. My chapters especially deal with online relationships and selfies so I think this would also be a good place to submit my work later in the future. I submitted my chapter "Dehumanizing with the Swipe of a Finger" here. 
  • Digital Humanities Quarterly seems like the perfect place to submit my chapters since both of them incorporate humanity and the digital world.

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