Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sharing our Message

Well, for starters I've shared it on Facebook and told people to go read it.  So, hopefully some people will go do that.  I don't have a Twitter or any other social media outlet, so that's about it for that.

As for Homies...

1.  Rachael, my wonderful girlfriend, will surely read this ebook, or at least my chapters, if only because she loves me.  She is and English major, though, so I think that she'll find many of the ideas interesting.  She's been pretty busy with finals, but she has told me that she'll read it.  Eventually.

2.  Erik, my brother, is pretty into digital phenomenon and is generally educated, so I think that he'd like to read some of this, especially the stuff about coding.  He doesn't have any great vested interest, but he might do it because he's my brother, if he gets around to it.

3.  Thor, my father, is a professor of digital technology at UVU so I'm pretty sure he'll find it interesting.  Also, he's my dad, so he kind of has to read at least my chapters.  He's always been interested in the history of digital issues, though, so I think that he'll enjoy the perspective of a digital Renaissance.

The Experts:

1. Tom Timbrell, the artist blacksmith that I wrote about.  He pretty much deserves to read this book as much as anyone, and I think that it'll be in his best interest to widely disseminate it considering the chapter I wrote about blacksmithing.  Other than that, he's just a nice guy and he'll probably take a look at it, whether he likes all of it or not.

2. Mary Eyring, one of my favorite professors, has told me many times that she'd be happy to read my writing.  Since she is an English professor, I think that she'll enjoy the Renaissance ideas presented (even though her emphasis is in a different time).

3. Rick Duerden, a professor of Shakespeare and the Renaissance period here at BYU.  I took a Shakespeare class from him, thought he might like to read it.  He hasn't responded yet.


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