Friday, December 11, 2015

Publication and Presentation Opportunities


No Sweat Shakespeare ( - This site accepts guest posts that are "of a decent quality and relevant to Shakespeare." I submitted my "Free Code and Renaissance Plagiarism" chapter as a potential guest post, since it talks a lot about Shakespeare in terms of the "plagiarism question." I consider it to be of a decent quality, so we'll see if they like it.

Digital Humanities 2017 ( - This is an annual conference sponsored by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations. Their call for papers indicates that they accept proposals that sit at the intersection of the humanities (lit, art, etc.) and modern technology. The theme for 2017 is "Access." My chapter on "Free Code and Renaissance Plagiarism" is essentially about community access to individual work, so it seems like a good fit. Also, the conference is being held in Montreal, which is one of my favorite places. I haven't submitted a paper there (I'm not sure if going to Montreal in 2017 will be plausible for me or not).

New Directions in the Humanities 2016 ( - This conference is taking place in June of next year at the University of Illinois at Chicago. One of their concerns is the intersection of art and technology. They seem like a much more formal academic conference than perhaps my papers are fit for, but with some modification this might be an interesting venue to present at. I have not submitted a paper to this.

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