Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sharing and Publication Opportunities

Sharing Our Book


Julian- my good friend and boyfriend he has listened to me talk about this project for the past several months. He told me he would read it even if it hadn’t been my work as he finds all of our ideas very interesting.

Christell Xu- She was kind enough to let me use her photography when Humans of New York didn’t get back to me. She is also a fallow food and HONY enthusiast.

Phil Bowman- My dad and I had an extensive conversation I used in my food chapter on the growth of sustainable food interest and how marketing has played into it.


The Simmons family- Though they declined to be quoted within my chapter their insight into the experience of being interviewed by Brandon Stanton and inclusion in his blog was very helpful in the writing and researching process.

Julie Clifford- She is the owner of the local farm I wanted to interview. As her family was in the middle of leasing the farm she was unable to speak with me. I think she will still find the chapter interesting and when things calm down for her I can still do the interview and make my chapter more rounded out for potential publication.

Frank Christianson- In my class with Professor Christianson this semester we did a lot of research and writing on imagined communities. I think, in light of that research, he would find our topics interesting. I know my HONY chapter makes several connections to the classes subject matter.

Publication Opportunities

Apollon eJournal- This is an online journal for undergraduate research with an emphasis on the humanities. They have an interest in work that uses a variety of intellectual approaches and are open to innovation. It seems like this could be a good place for my Humans of New York piece as it is discusses the humanities and deconstructs a highly modern contribution to the humanities.

Consilience- This is an open-access interdisciplinary journal on sustainable development. It aims to promote dialogue and awareness. They are open to undergraduate work and opinion pieces. My chapter is all about sustainability and contributes, not just another perspective on sustainability, but a historical perspective. They put out a biannual issue and more frequently publish on their online “Briefings” column.

Imponderabilia- This is an international student anthropological journal. I know I’m not the only one of us that delved into modern anthropology in my chapter. This journal as open to all disciplines and is not partial to undergraduate or postgraduate research. The journal itself is quite invested in online interaction and forming a community and dialogue within itself. This makes it sounds like their interests align with ours quite a bit. My chapter on Humans of New York would be could contribute to the aims of this journal as it about anthropology with international implications.

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