Thursday, December 17, 2015

Publication and Sharing

Publication Opportunities:

Apollon eJournal - undergraduate humanities journal, published online. Specifically calls for work that was part of a class or other academic pursuit. They do want work that's original, so hopefully our chapters being published already on ePub won't be an issue. They also want Chicago-style citations and formatting, so I'd have to go through and re-do all my citations (erk). I submitted my Preppers essay here. They should respond in about a week, so we'll see what happens. 

AJUR, American Journal of Undergraduate Research - accepts submissions from anywhere, globally, and it's peer reviewed (so it has a little more ethos in the eyes of its readers, I guess?). Unfortunately, they specify that any submitted work should not be published anywhere else, so the eBook might be an issue. Maybe.

Anemoi, Undergraduate Journal of Pre-Modern Studies - they're looking for work specific to any time period that's the Renaissance or older, so our work might be of particular interest to them. Since we also focused on the modern, I think they'd either really like or not be interested in what we did.

Sharing the eBook:


I did a general share on Facebook. It's really the only social media site where I'm even the slightest bit active, so I figured that would be the best way to share it with as many friends as I know at once.

Troy and Gretchen Larsen - my parents, who are always interested in what I do (even when it's no good, haha). I think they would like seeing me published; and - let's be honest - proud parents are pretty big on sharing their kid's work with friends.

Enthusiasts / Other Interested Parties (who go beyond Homies):

Shelby Dean - she let me interview her for the preppers chapter, so I sent her a link to the finished product.

Jennifer Foede - she also let me use her story, this time from her experience with Facebook, so I sent her a link to it, too. Plus, she's really big on social issues, so I think she'd find the chapters interesting - and would probably spread the book around (with commentary).

Shara Jackson Harper - a lactation specialist, and another person involved in social movements. She helped me a lot with doing research for my bodies paper.

Daniel Farnsworth - probably one of the smartest - and most opinionated - people I know. He also helped with research, provided counter-arguments to my ideas, and likes this kind of stuff.

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