Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kamber Joy Alldredge

My name is Kamber Joy Alldredge, as seen above, and I'm an English Major from Sacramento, California. I am a very passionate fan of Harry Potter and have been sorted into Ravenclaw according to the official Pottermore Sorting Quiz. I love to read, craft, draw, and explore, and I'm a bit of an introvert. My great ambition is to one day own a rabbit which I will name Aesop, and a turtle which I will name Methuselah, Sully for short.

My middle school held a Renaissance fair every year, something that I looked forward to with much excitement, so of course, they cancelled it the year I entered sixth grade. I am still yet to attend a Renaissance fair and I am still very eager to do so. I love the inventive and creative atmosphere of the Renaissance period, I am only only familiar with the basics of the time, Shakespeare and the lot, but I am eager to learn more.

While I will forever love the feel of physical books, ebooks have become much more convenient for my college life, moving between home and school. I love that publishing ebooks is much easier than traditional publishing and I believe it gives more opportunity to individuals to express themselves and share their works.

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