Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nikkita Walker, Self-titled International Cowgirl

No, the name didn't stick, and thank goodness. When I was eighteen I was traveling around Peru with a bunch of Aussies when it occurred to me that I possessed the rare opportunity to portray myself as whoever I wanted to be. So I called myself "Kit" and postured as a "Cowgirl." Looking back and wincing about the mistakes of my past doesn't change the fact that I am still that same adventure seeking, story chasing, girl-child just trying to follow in the impossible footsteps of my favorite fictional heroines. I may never be Martha Gellhorn or Mark Twain, but I try to approach life similarly as best I can. Of course I love humans, stories, and travel, and started at BYU studying folklore as a sociocultural anthropologist. Eventually I jumped ship and pursued an area of study that I thought was more specific to my interests, but I never lost that original love of meeting new people and learning new, undiscovered stories. So far I've traveled to India, Costa Rica, Peru, Thailand, Laos, Japan, and Brazil; and I don't know if I'll ever want to stop. 

I love Renaissance literature and sing praises to John Donne for making me laugh in a way I hadn't since Chaucer came and went. Of course, Shakespeare is an all-time favorite and his Tempest,"We are such stuff /As dreams are made on, and our little life /Is rounded with a sleep," is a flawless way to end a literally legendary career. 

I know some people who are religious about their preferences when it comes to ebooks v. print, and I think I'm secretly one of them. I like to keep an open mind about available mediums but an ebook website will never give you the sensation of vellichor the way a bookstore will. 

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