Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jake Hawkins, Man of Action

     Hello! My name is Jacob Hawkins and I'm the guy with the JayQuellin' shirt. I love movies, television shows, and having a good laugh. I'm an English Major at BYU and will graduate at the end of this school year.

     My experience with Renaissance literature is chiefly with Shakespeare. I love his plays and poems and feel there is a strong presence of  inherent truth that still resounds with readers and play audiences today as they did back then. I also have a basic understanding of the great Italian artists of the time and am amazed at the test of time those masters have withstood.

     I have no experience with eBooks but am not against the idea of it. I agree that we are in the midst of a Renaissance of sorts but have not really thought about what kind it is and what it really means. I look forward to contributing more to this blog as the class continues on.

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