Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nicole Hilton (the latecomer)

I'm Nicole. Above is a shot of me on the roof of Oslo's opera house (I served in Norway). I love fresh produce and Y-Serve/nonprofit work.

When I think Renaissance, I'm brought back to unfortunate encounters at medieval fairs. I'm taking this class in part to recover from memories of turkey legs and shrieking velvet-cloaked actors, i.e. to gain a deep understanding of what this era meant and means for us today. I know the Renaissance affected the world-- and its literature-- in important ways, which means this course will inevitably lead us towards a heightened understanding of people as a whole. And that's something everyone can appreciate.

I have zero experience with ebooks, but I appreciate the marriage of literature and technology for the increase in accessibility to great works and the deep study it brings us. Though reading online isn't as romantic as reading hard copies of texts, I'm curious and eager to see what this method of learning will bring us. 

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