Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Brief History of Kurt Anderson

This is just going to have to work for now.  As you may have surmised, I like panda bears.  In fact, one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received from a friend was the symbolic adoption of a panda cub, who I dubbed XiaoWeiXiao.  He loves me and I love him.  Aside from that, I've been an English major for a couple of years now, and I recently returned from a study abroad in the UK, so I most certainly do have strong feelings about the Renaissance, feelings which I will briefly share with you now.

I love the Renaissance.

Going into a little more detail, I think that the age that brought about the startling literary variance of poet/playwright Shakespeare and the metaphysics of Donne is something intensely interesting.  In a time when popular culture is being reimagined, authors and writers such as these, Spencer, Montaigne, Milton, and More all demonstrated that what had previously been defined as high or low culture was meaningless.

Equally, today the definitions of what literature really is are changing.  A worldwide network of communications has shattered presupposed cultural barriers and exposed all of us to viewpoints and ideas that are radically different.  So yes, I do believe that we are in a cultural Renaissance and ebooks (or the internet in general) are to us what the printing press was to Tyndale, a medium through which a vastly greater audience may be reached and influenced.

That is all.

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