Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Model of Christian Charity Intro - Script

So, I'm going to attempt to make a creative script for the middle option to introduce Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity."

[Enters One of the Sailors]

Sailor: Where are we?  What strange land is this?  [Looking at the camera] Do you know?  [Camera nods]

[Enters John Winthrop]

Winthrop: Well hello there weary travelers!  Welcome to the Massachusetts Bay Colony! I'm John Winthrop, the governor here.  Where have you anchored your ship?

Sailor: Well, actually good sir, we've crash landed on this island and would be eternally grateful for your help in helping us return to sea.

Winthrop: Well, first of all, this is no island.  This is the American continent.  Could you not recognize our 'City upon that yonder hill'?

Sailor (looks at Winthrop, looks at the camera, looks back at Winthrop, looks back at the camera):  You mean that tiny village over there?

Winthrop: Now, now.  There's no point in being rude.  Are you sure you won't stay for a while?

Sailor: (directed at the camera) What do you think, shall we stay with this man who has founded the great "City upon a hill"?

[Camera shakes "no"]

Winthrop: So be it.  I think I will help you set sail again.  Besides, we like our community to be free from sin as well as negative minds.

Sailor: Pbbtt!

Winthrop: Well, I'm assuming that you have already heard of the speech I gave those on board the ship we sailed on to come to this land?

Sailor: Heard of it.

Winthrop: Since you are missing a member of your crew, I'll quiz you on my speech, commonly referred to as "A Model of Christian Charity".  If you succeed, I'll help you find your lost crewman and help you rebuild your ship.

Sailor: Fine. Deal.

Winthrop: Well then, let's begin.

QUIZ (I'm hoping for some help on this one.  What can we even quiz the viewers on)?)


  1. Quiz Question Ideas

    1. Why was there renewed interest in Christian values at the time?

    2. What values did Winthrop focus on, and why?

    3. How does "A Model of Christian Charity" enhance our understanding of the Brave New World theme?

  2. I really liked Nate's quiz option thing: take the quiz now, or see the scrolling text thing review and then take the quiz.