Friday, March 29, 2013

Ad Fontes Adventure

Here is the intro video that I created for Ad Fontes. Thoughts??


  1. Delightful! Who is this guy Alonso? Because he and his mustache are both fantastically emotive in their acting.

    1. He's just this guy I happened to find several stock photos of, and matched the profile I had in my head. I was so excited!

  2. bwahaha that was SO AWESOME!!

  3. I love it Hannah! I made a powerpoint thing like we were trying last Friday for the Petrarch letters, but I feel like we should have continuity with this video and the powerpoint idea is way too different to work. It took me a good three hours to just figure out the powerpoint and get the typewriter letters to go at the right speed, I feel like you're much better at technology than I am :) Could you quickly show me the ins and outs of imovie today so I can match my video to this?

  4. Okay. I LOVE this and I agree with Jerrick. This looks much more professional than our power point idea. Can't wait to get this rolling! :)
    -Sarah Jane