Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Brave (re)New(ed) Project

Some people write until they stumble across a good idea. Our Renaissance literature class just talks until we "stumble" upon a fantastic idea. 

All semester we've been talking about how we can avoid falling into the remake-the-Norton-Anthology-in-digital-form rut. The reason for making an eBook was to help us venture into the brave new world of technology, eBooks specifically. And up until our last class meeting, I was a little worried about where our project was going (or not going, if you know what I mean). 

But I think we've got things sorted out. It looks like we've decided to create a tiered curriculum that we can share. And let me tell you, I'm excited. I was concerned before that our eBook would get lost in the bottomless hole of literary criticism. I didn't want it to be another one of those books.

We're going to be incorporating video into our curriculum in an attempt to interest various audiences. I'm excited about the things we can do with video in both my groups. In my Ad Fontes group I was thinking maybe some interviews with authors, or for the Sprezzatura group we could have some friendly court discussions.

Whatever ensues, I'm excited. I feel like I'm finally excited about our project. I'm ready to enter this brave new world. 

Hopefully I'll learn something. Hopefully. :)

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