Friday, March 22, 2013

Humanism in Stick Figures and Renaissance in the Jurassic

I tried to configure a slap-together video montage playlist thing of what our project would end up looking like....

But then I got really excited about finishing this.

I also played around with Xtra normal and realized we can do recordings of our own voices, which is great. We can watch that one in class, too, if we want.

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  1. I personally am not a huge fan of the 'adorable dinosaur puppet,' but that might be just because of the squeaking. The dinosaur was kind of a turn-off right from the beginning, so I personally would say ex-nay on the inosaur-day. The video was well done, though, and the concept in general (even with the dinosaur) could be tweaked to really effectively engage various audiences (among them, non-traditional ones) and encourage conversation on these topics. Thanks for sharing!