Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's for Breakfast?

In our class discussion yesterday, things went a little off topic when we started talking about breakfast cereal.  With an 11:00-11:50 class time, we are frequently hungry during the eRenaissance hour. But, what originally began as a joke about reading the back of a Cheerio's box turned into an idea for innovative education. A few of us mentioned that we always read the back of the cereal box while we're eating.That's where the idea of Chaucer Charms and the Samuel Daniel Diet came in. We could give a short summary, cartoon, or comic strip that introduces some aspect of or author from Renaissance literature. Wouldn't it be a great way to introduce people to British Literary History?

"Why take only one British Literary Course when you can learn in multiple courses?" -Dr. Gideon Burton

While there may be a specific audience for the Samuel Daniel Diet, (supplement your current diet with poems like "Ulysses and the Siren" for improved intellectual vigor!) thinking about people's basic needs (i.e. the need for physical nourishment) can help us determine how best to reach our audience and engage them in our work. By connecting our work with and targeting people's basic desires and needs, we can piggyback our book into their lives.

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