Friday, March 8, 2013

On Cannibals and Zombies: Montaigne in 2800 AD

journal entry 1: 

journal entry 2:

journal entry 3

journal entry 4

journal entry 5:

I would've polished this much more if I'd had time, but I think it does accomplish some things I'd like you to consider while you watch: How has the personal "essay" genre changed through time? What has a "journal" meant through time? How should literature incite our own experiences, whether that's exploring our own world or making a video? What is Other, and how do we deal with it? What role has the unknown or the monster played through British lit/ cultural history? How does our contact with the Other start to dissolve our own cultural concepts or boundaries? Can it strengthen them instead? Why zombies? Why cannibals? How do you get ketchup out of your hair? Who in your life trusts you enough to let you bite their finger?


  1. This is at least mildly genius.

  2. My roommate and I loved the last video. The first few were honestly a little slow for us, but the end was strong, and we especially liked the finger-food-action that you had goin' on. I think you could maybe condense all of these into about a two-and-a-half minute clip with fades to black in between each day, and it would have a more continuous and captivating effect. This was creative, though, and I liked it a lot! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Greg, absolutely! The original plan was to have it be one video, with fades and captions delineating passing time (you know, the DAY 14: 2100 in typeface on the bottom with every new entry). I just ran out of time while I was making it. I would've liked tighter reading of the Montaigne quotes and less circular musing so I could've gotten to the society that I'd seen (could've been hilarious--I was planning on talking about how they do, contrary to popular belief, cook their fingers before they eat them...).