Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Like Julie Anne, I couldn’t find the discussion page for our avatars either, so I’m just going to post it here. I apologize, my ideas about the avatars are still very fluid. I spent most of my time these past couple days trying to get caught up on the discussions I missed from last week. I do think that whatever resemblance we choose for our avatars, it should be fictional. Choosing an Erasmus or Shakespeare as an avatar seems a little bit too complicated for what I consider to be a supporting character in our ebook, elesson (or whatever it’s morphed into now). The focus is still on either the themes or the texts, and adding a historical avatar adds another focus that may distract from the avatar simply being a guide through the ebook. A fictional avatar accomplishes the purpose just as well as a historical avatar would. That being said, my ideas are:

Peter the Plough Boy – a plough boy who’s just purchased his first copy of the Bible and is only now discovering the analogies to the Bible in Shakespeare’s works. (Think Pinocchio, it’s a real Bible!)

Aldo – (Italian name, possibly derived from old and noble) A lost translator of ancient texts who debates the merits of ancient texts in modern works. (not going to lie, I learned it’s difficult to create a fun fictional character for Ad Fontes. Hopefully some of you had more luck than I did.)

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  1. I like the idea for Aldo, and I think we should have someone dress up to be him. I was thinking a mustache and an Italian accent. We could have "him" talk about Lord of the Rings in relation to some of the other texts we've studied for this class. Have him stumble over the english words, and pronounce them like you would in Latin (W sound for the V and such...)
    I like it a lot:)
    Thanks for posting your ideas!