Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Outline for Our Project - Just an Idea

So I've been thinking a lot about our project, what our initial goals are and how they've developed and changed over the semester, what we want to do now with videos and The Tempest, etc. Here's a thought I kind of just had and perhaps it will make a nice outline for what we want to do. Just getting my thoughts out there and by no means do we have to follow this. Might help keep our themes and the Renaissance our focus rather than The Tempest, as that was one of the main concerns I hear in our discussions in class. It ties in Hannah's idea of having intro videos for each theme group, as well as the "having an avatar" and holding quizzes/debates idea. It keeps the Renaissance as our focus, with themes as our own spin on the time period. It has The Tempest as just one example of how all these themes can be found not just individually, but in one entire text from the Renaissance. Then concludes with the eBook, connecting with the audience by showing them our process, and the invitation for readers to explore this idea themselves and in their own studies of Renaissance literature.

I didn't realize how small this picture would be until uploading it but hopefully it's still legible for you all. If you zoom in on the computer screen the image should still be clear enough to read. (and ps those avatars don't have to be those authors - especially since I'm in the Ad Fontes and Piece of Work is Man groups and don't know the best representative authors for the other four themes)

Again this is just my thoughts on our whole project. We have a lot to do and plenty of fantastic ideas that I tried to incorporate. I just think this would hit all of our goals in a timely manner that won't over stress us. If we don't use this outline at all, or only bits and pieces, that's fine too. Just an idea on the kind of structure we need to make our project really work.


  1. This is awesome, Amber! I think it's super helpful to see it visually. I like the theme intros that then use the Tempest videos as an example. GREAT!

  2. Great conceptualization. This helps me a ton because I learn more quickly with visuals!