Monday, March 25, 2013

Plough Boys storyline

Here’s a rough storyline for our plough boys avatar:

Our hero, the plough boy, hears about a new Bible that he can actually buy! He saves for a few years, purchases the Bible, and is astounded at how much he learns from reading the Bible. Transition to: Bible translations.

The plough boy goes to town one day and discovers a gathering of people. Upon investigation, he hears arguments about teachings from the Bible, such as Charity, Idleness, even arguments about how to read scriptures. The plough boy realizes that with new accessibility to the Bible, each person is entitled to their own interpretation. He decides to read more about how different people view Bible teachings and churches in general and how they incorporate those teachings. Transition to: Northbrooke, Latimer, Winthrop, etc.

The plough boy decides that there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to the differing opinions, but that he should continue to learn. Transition to: Drayton, conclusion essay about the importance of personal interpretation of texts.

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